Awesome race today! The start was very emotional and inspiring. I am grateful for each and every firefighter and police officer who risk their lives to protect the public. It was an amazing turnout for being the first race. I can not wait until next years race!

-Johnny Page

It was a great event for the community and the emergency services family. Thanks Beth, Troy and Brad for your efforts.

-Doug Wesselschmidt

More Testimonials

This could very well become one if the biggest running events in Shawnee. I was proud to see FD's from all around the area, and the military there to honor this great man. It was a great course and we look forward to participating next year - I bet it doubles or triples in participants next year. Awesome job to the organizers!!! GOD BLESS JOHN GLASER!!!

-Laurie Reed

It was by far, one of the best events - and a great tribute.

-Linda Brooks

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